Replace Old Wood Bulkhead Door

Replacing an old wood unit using a Gordon CDO bulkhead on a pressure treated sill with a membrane separating the steel and pressure treated sill.

Foundation Plate

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Foundation Plates are installed on top of areaway foundation or sidewalls to:
  • Improve areaway appearance
  • Cover rough masonry and small holes
  • Span voids in brick and concrete block
  • Reduce the inside width of the areaway foundation
  • Support basement doors in corner installations with one side supported by house

Membrane between steel and pressure treated wood

This installation is on a 4x6 pressure treated sill with a membrane between steel and pressure treated wood.


Gordon RD3 in a Tight Spot

Installed Gordon RD3 and 6-inch extension on Azek trim replacing an old wooden unit. 

Another Bulkhead Overhaul

This bulkhead was completely trimmed out inside. Old Trim was removed, Bulkhead was removed, new pressure treated sill applied, new Bilco bulkhead installed, and new trim reinstalled.


Gray Powder Coat Bilco C

What a difference a new light gray powder coat Bilco C can make!

Bulkhead replacement and installation is our only business.

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